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Farms and Farmland

Visitors to our County look around and are in awe of our bountiful fields, beautiful dyke lands, sloping vineyards and farm markets. As the song goes sometimes: "You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone!" All four municipal governments in Kings County need to make sure that doesn't occur in the case of our farmlands.

Residential and commercial development can be accommodated for many decades to come in our towns, villages and growth centres.

The County of Kings has been a leader with a Municipal Planning Strategy that provides strong protection for farmland. Unfortunately that protection has been eroded over the years and we are seeing urban areas sprawl onto farm fields in some neighbourhoods.

Residential development is also being permitted along rural routes that take us through the agricultural districts.

Polls indicate that the vast majority of Kings County residents favour strong protection.

I have a proven record on this issue and if re-elected I will continue to provide strong representation on the issue of farmland protection. 

I will also encourage council to take a strong interest in what we can do in collaboration with other levels of government to ensure that young farmers have access to farmland that are currently not under production.

Authorized by Pauline Raven
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