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Sidewalks & Federal Infrastructure Program

Municipally-owned infrastructure includes some subdivision roads, all sidewalks, some recreation facilities and most water and sewer systems. While the villages in our county have diligently pursued the installation of sidewalks, this type of development is a largely neglected in urbanized districts outside the villages.

Life on many streets in North Kentville, Meadowview, Aldershot and Centreville could be improved if schools, recreation facilities, retail stores and other services where linked by sidewalks.

Sidewalks, relative to other infrastructure projects, can be installed and maintained at a fairly low cost. Most years a length of sidewalk in the county is installed, but council has made very little progress on its priority list since 2012. Sherman Belcher, Mee, Scott, McKittrick are all on the list but have been outranked year after year as new needs, perceived as more important, appear.

Our Council needs to find a way past barriers, to installing the sidewalks that communities need and deserve.

The newly announced federal infrastructure dollars can help stretch municipal dollars for new lengths of sidewalks. Our communities will realize many benefits:

  1. Children can walk to school, friend's homes, and parks safely and gain a greater degree of independence as they grow up.
  2. People are out and about more regularly in all four seasons when they can step from their home onto a sidewalk. Studies show that people with access to sidewalks
    are more likely to meet recommendations for physical activity.
  3. Sidewalks improve customer traffic for retail businesses.
  4. “Eyes on the street” increase with pedestrian traffic and this is an effective form of crime prevention.
  5. House-bound individuals feel less isolated when they can watch walking activity on their street
  6. In some instances, it would be more possible for two car families to become one car families.
  7. Young children can ride their bicycles safely on the sidewalk, encouraging healthy physical activity. Riding on the road is not safe.
  8. And the list goes on... I'm sure each of you can think of additional benefits.

Authorized by Pauline Raven
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