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The Right to Know

In June 2015 I was invited to write a guest column for the Advertiser on the issue of council's multiple use of in camera meetings. That editorial was published on June 23.

During this term of council a 7 to 4 majority of councillors was A.O.K. going behind closed door and those of us who were not in favour of secret discussions were attacked for speaking out.

It is my opinion that discussions and decisions on several key matters would have benefited greatly from more open debate and more input from residents. Three examples of discussions taken behind closed doors too often were:

  1. The closure of the Waterville municipal airport.
  2. The sale of the Kings County Municipal complex in Kentville, and plan to build a new multi-million dollar replacement in Coldbrook.
  3. The relocation of the Kentville Library to the St. James United Church Building.

Authorized by Pauline Raven
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